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Dismantling your feeder 


Disconnect the hanger from the feeder 


Disconnect and remove the seed tube


Remove skirt component 


Remove the bottom wing nut


Remove the shroud (bottom section)


Place all parts on the top rack of a dishwasher

Note: The heating element on some dishwashers may be close enough to the bottom rack to damage plastic parts. While all our products are made from components meant to last, they are not guaranteed against excessive heat. Replacement parts are available at an authorised dealer.  

Assembling your feeder


Insert shroud (bottom section) into centre post


Screw on wing nut


Insert skirt component 


Insert the seed tube 


Attach and latch hanger cover

Align the three ribs on the shroud hub with the three slots inside the centre post

Use thumb pressure only - do not force 

Depress clips located inside the seed ports and push up.

Align yellow arrows on seed tube with yellow marks on base. Press down gently until the clips snap into place. Test for pro per attachment by lifting the feeder by the seed tube

Adjusting the closing mechanism

The Closing Mechanism 

Use the feeder with the factory setting before making any adjustments. A small red squirrel, 115g will trigger the closing mechanism at this setting. 

To increase the adjustment setting, rotate the transparent cartridge clockwise. The red line will move down from the previous setting. This increases the weight required to close access to the seed. 

To decrease the adjustment setting, turn the cartridge counter clockwise. The red line will move up from the previous setting. This decreases the weight required to close access to the seed. 

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