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 Squirrel Buster  Classic



Birds can feed easily. Squirrels can't.

The weight of squirrels and other pests instantly shuts off access of food. They're beaten every single time - saving your precious seed for the birds.


It's the original Squirrel Buster that set the standard for totally squirrel-proof bird feeding. Loved by many perching and clinging species. Fill with sunflower seeds and blends.

1.4l Capacity. Guaranteed for life. 

Useful information



Patented Seed Tube Ventilation System ™

Transparent seed tubes are like greenhouses, they trap solar energy. Traditional seed tube cover designs block the escape of heated air. The patented Seed Tube Ventilation System in the Squirrel Buster Classic, permits humidity and the warm air to escape through vents at the top of the feeder. The escaping air is replaced by fresh air entering through the seed ports. The seed remains fresher and attracts more birds. 

Hot & humid air escapes

Fresh air enters 

Air is heated

Negative Grip Tube

The Negative Grip Tube prevents squirrels from grasping the wire hanger with their hind legs, hanging down alongside the feeder and defeating the closing mechanism. 

Seed level Indicator 

The bottom of the yellow Centre Post Cap marks the maximum seed level. Filling past this mark will impede the shroud from closing. Please do not fill past this mark.

Perches are removable 

Squirrel Buster Classic can be converted into a clinging feeder only by removing the perches. The absence of perches will help deter larger perching birds such as pigeons and doves from trying to use the feeder.


Great product

Was skeptical when I bought one of these but they really do work. Had many days of glee watching squirrels trying to defeat it to no avail, they have finally given up, only occasionally come for another try. Great product. ( Have purchaced a second one)

- John B
Verified customer

Lovely to see my choice of small birds eating at will

Did not believe that it would work , you would not believe the amount of containers I have and non work .
Just hung it up and in minutes gold finches used it (no waiting for several weeks) it was entertaining seeing the squirrels trying to work out a way into there breakfast , they tried everything  with I am pleased to advise no success .Am very pleased and have ordered and received this so now just lovely to see my choice of small birds eating at will .

- Ray
Verified customer

Completely dumbfounds the squirrels

This is the only bird feeder I have come a cross that completely dumbfounds the squirrels. They will climb onto the feeder but it is hilarious watching them getting frustrated. It's also excellent in stopping pigeons,  jays, magpies and crows who are all too heavy and greedy, but allows Great Spotted Woodpeckers and all the usual finches, tits, robins etc. I ended up buying another classic feeder so we now have two and a garden full of birds all year round. I would recommend this to anyone who has problems with squirrels stealing all the bird food.

- Tony
Verified customer

It did the trick

I purchased one Squirrel Buster as we have many squirrels in our garden which used to continually eat the bird food and also dig up the lawn.   As much as I like the squirrels, the bird seed is for the birds.
It did the trick. The squirrels made a few attempts and then gave up. It also keeps the bird seed dry.
I have decided to let them carry on digging up the lawn.

- Stephen W
Verified customer

Best feeder we ever bought

We bought our first squirrel buster many years ago, too many to remember exactly, it was an instant hit.
It was really amazing to watch the squrrels day after day trying an failing to get at the bird food.
They tried every direction possible to get at the food from below from the side or above but still went away with nothing.
Our older feeders eventually got sent to the dustbin and we bought another squirrel  buster last year.
Our oldest feeder that I think we must have had 10 years by now did need a slight repair this year which we managed to do, but I believe that you can now buy spare parts for them which is even better.
The squirrel buster is the best bird feeder we have ever bought and has lasted the longest which makes it well worth the initial cost.

- Sharon P
Verified customer

Welcome addition to existing Mini version

Welcome addition to existing Mini version. This larger version holds more seed and needs refilling less often as a result. Squirrels are certainly attracted to it - but the only way they get anything is by jumping at it from nearby tree and knocking the seed out. Fortunately they quickly got tired of this and moved on to the fat feeders instead. Only downside is they are susceptible to heavy rain clogging the seed tray.

- Touchwoodtoad
Verified customer

Not as many blockages

The new version with the plastic base is much better than the old one, no rust and the seed mix seems to flow better, not as many blockages

- Andrew H
Verified customer

Bit pricey but well worth it

We have two of these feeders and would recommend them to everyone. They can be a bit pricey but well worth it. No trouble now from squirrels they just do not even try to get to the food inside.
Well worth it.

- Terry L
Verified customer
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