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 Squirrel Buster  Peanut



Birds can feed easily. Squirrels can't.

The weight of squirrels and other pests instantly shuts off access of food. They're beaten every single time - saving your precious nuts for the birds.


This tough chew-proof feeder drives squirrels nuts. There's plenty of perching space for peanut loving birds like woodpeckers. Adjusts easily to bar bigger birds like pigeons, too.

0.75l Capacity. Guaranteed for life. 

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Patented Seed Tube Ventilation System ™

Transparent seed tubes are like greenhouses, they trap solar energy. Traditional seed tube cover designs block the escape of heated air. The patented Seed Tube Ventilation System in the Squirrel Buster Peanut, permits humidity and the warm air to escape through vents at the top of the feeder. The escaping air is replaced by fresh air entering through the mesh ports. The nuts remain fresher and attracts more birds. 

Air is heated

Hot & humid air escapes

Fresh air enters 

Woodpecker Friendly Tail Prop

The Squirrel Buster Peanut feeder is designed with a large tail prop allowing woodpeckers to feed comfortably, using their tails for balance - just like they do on trees. 

woodpecker's have zygodactyl feet, each consisting of four toes, the first and fourth facing back and the second and third facing front. This toe arrangement is good for grasping the limbs and trunks of trees, but to balance easily the tail and feet need to work together for support. Thus, they need a large surface against which to prop their tails. 

Negative Grip Tube

The Negative Grip Tube prevents squirrels from grasping the wire hanger with their hind legs, hanging down alongside the feeder and defeating the closing mechanism. 


The only feeder I have used that the squirrels are not able to get into.

- Kath
Verified customer

Quite simply the squirrel proof feeder on the market

Quite simply the best squirrel proof feeder on the market. Has repelled all attempts to date an saved a fortune in peanuts. Wild birds are attracted to this feeder with no reduction in visits when compared with the previous inferior feeder! We have even been treated by having a regular woodpecker and its chick  visiting. They seem to be very comfortable with the feeder as it has a tail rest which makes it comfortable for them to feed. Altogether a very good purchase.

- Peter
Verified customer

Very confused squirrels

We are now down to 2 very confused looking squirrels in the garden, after the 12 fat ones we had previously

- John S
Verified customer

If you want to feed woodpeckers, nuthatches and blue tits rather than fat grey squirrels 🐿 get a squirrel buster peanut feeder!

- Andrea F
Verified customer

Does what it states

This bird feeder doesn’t what it states it is squirrel proof it is lovely to watch the birds and the wood pecker feed from it

- Lesley S
Verified customer


I bought both the mini and the peanut models. I had my doubts but having been on the losing end of an on-going battle with grey squirrels i was willing to give it a try. Within five minutes of putting up the mini one filled with suet  worms and sunflower seeds the blue tits were using it, i was very pleased. Having decidede where to mount the peanut feeder i noted this was used just about by the time i was back indoors and watching. Oh how i laughed to see them working perfectly when the squirrels found them, you could almost hear them cursing at not getting any feed out. A brilliant success and i told my neighbours and they have one now as well. Terrific.

- Frank T
Verified customer

Can't recommend the product highly enough 

I can't recommend the product highly enough. I had been having problems with the squirrels breaking the wire mesh or destroying the plastic on my feeders in order to make the peanuts full out. Since having the Squirrel Buster I have watched the squirrels, with all of their great ingenuity, trying to find a way into the nuts but always failing. It has been such success that I have bought other Squirrel Customer products. Don't worry I put out old style feeders which the squirrels are allowed to feed from   :-)

- David O
Verified customer
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